Whenever we explore the world and our feelings,we are using our mind to reflect. They say that reflecting is at the origin of our human nature, since the resulting awareness is precisely what sets us apart from other living forms.
Yet, this innate tendency is often relegated to rare moments of our existence, undermined by the hectic pace of modern life, by the simplifications and automatisms we put in place to keep up with it. Then, it happens.
We reflect thanks to a glimpse of intimacy that unfolds in the urban context, before an unexpected gesture, surprising ourselves of our image reflected in a shop window. As if we were opening our eyes for the first time, we feel the profound awareness of being in the here and now, humans. Our reflected figure triggers reflection as introspection.
This strong impression led to the Reflection collection, devoted to the unexpected moments that interrupt everyday life and to the women who choose to seize them, feeding with reflection their own free and independent view of the world around them.

  • Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara
  • Make-Up: Daniel Kolaric
  • Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
  • Styling: Niccolò Torelli
  • Colour Concept: Angelo Seminara Team, Directed by Takashi Kurokawa