Uncontaminated landscapes are beautiful. That light and ancestral nature mix, powerful enough to take your breath away, is inevitably enthralling. The place’s energy flows into us and everything is possible. It is easy to lose inhibition, give voice to freedom of expression, find the courage to face the unknown.
In daily life, when expressing ourselves, we rarely have access to the energetic support of these places. Our wildest identity emerges filtered by  odernity.
Wild. collection was born of the contrast between the primordial strength that every woman has and the contemporaneousness she lives and acts in. A woman giving voice to her nature has the strength to dominate the frenetic world, shaping it on herself.
Wild. is an invitation to be inspired by your native intuition.

  • Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara
  • Make-Up: Daniel Kolaric
  • Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
  • Styling: Niccolo Torelli
  • Colour Concept: Angelo Seminara Team, Directed by Takashi Kurokawa