Homo Faber Exhibition: “Fashion Inside and Out”

Fashion Inside and Out examines craftsmanship as fashion’s muse. By thinking about craftsmanship, we open a window to be able to look again at the processes by which fashion emerges. By changing the rules of craftsmanship, by evolving its implicit skills, we can move the conceptual framework within which we work and see ourselves.

Set in the dramatic space of the glazed Gandini swimming pool, it looks back over the Fondazione Cini’s garden and out to the infamous lagoon. A wooden platform takes the visitor in and out of the disused mosaic pool.

Fashion Inside and Out seizes the opportunity to raise already politicized questions about the singular and the multiple which are implicated in the investment in artisanal  skills. Fashion’s debt to the master artisans with whom they collaborate is made evident throughout the exhibition, with the complicated arts of embroidery, pleating, knotting, weaving all highlighted in the work.

Curator: Judith Clark
Credits: Fondazione Giorgio Cini – Venice, 14-30 September 2018
Photographer: Marco Kesseler / The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship