Discover the infinite chromatic possibilities you can achieve with Flamboyage®, the innovative color instrument created by Angelo Seminara.

Flamboyage® is a revolutionary colour service that can enhance natural colours by spontaneously blending bright and saturated tones, to create super-rich reflect patterns all along the hair length. 
What’s the secret of a unique and vibrant color? The Flamboyage® Meche selects casual hair sections, also reducing the regrowth effect.

Flamboyage® Meche’s great versatility produces natural-looking end results, even when using brighter, more inventive nuances. 
Flamboyage® is a technique that can easily be repeated, making the colourist’s work extremely simple and fast, whilst offering unprecedented creative freedom, for short and long looks.

Create your unique color by mixing different tones throughout the length, and be surprised about how easy it is with Flamboyage®! Angelo Seminara’s innovative color technique makes use of an adhesive strip to be used just like a work surface: random hair sections remain secured to it so they can be treated quickly and in an extremely creative way.

Try it at the nearest salon, by consulting one of Davines’ Salon Locator and by selecting “Flamboyage” as specialty.